Guide / How to transfer WhatsApp between iOS and Android phones?

How To Transfer WhatsApp Between iOS and Android Phones?

By Holly McQuillan, Product Manager | Updated on September 26th, 2019.

Are you still worry that you will lose your WhatsApp data after buying a new phone? If you'd like to transfer WhatsApp messages from old to new phone, our MobileTrans can satisfy your needs, regardless of Android OS or iOS phones. It supports to transfer both WhatsApp messages and media files from iOS to Android and from Android to iOS.

Firstly launch MobileTrans software on your computer and select "WhatsApp Transfer" module.

After you click on "WhatsApp Transfer", select WhatsApp tab and click "Transfer WhatsApp messages" feature from here. You can look more about how to transfer WhatsApp with following instruction.

Step 1. Connect both phones to your computer

Connect both smartphones to your computer. Our software will load the messages and media attachments before you transfer.

Step 2. Start to transfer WhatsApp messages

  • Click on "Start" button and wait until it completes the transfer.
  • You can flip the source and destination phone as you requested. When you transfer from Andriod to iOS phones, it will merge both chats.
  • Step 3. Transfer completed

    You'd better not move or touch the phone during the transfer. After it completes transferring like the image below, you can disconnect the phones and check if you view the transferred WhatsApp data on the target device.

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