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Frequently Asked Questions

How many devices can I transfer using a business license?

Business license is for commercial purpose. You can choose your devices and customize your license, for example, choose 6-10 devices 1 PC. So you can transfer for more than 5 devices.

How can I get an unlimited devices license?

To get unlimited devices license, choose unlimited devices 1 PC under Buy Business license. Wondershare welcome users’ inquiry and feedback. You can also contact our support and submit your request for a license.

Will I have access to all the features for both iOS and Android?

MobileTrans supports both iOS and Android OS phones. All features on MobileTrans are available for both OS devices.

Can I change the license to another PC after I buy a new computer?

Sure. If you change a computer, uninstall the software from the old computer and install it on a new computer. Register with the same license you previously bought to activate it on the new computer. Please remember one license can’t run across on the Windows and Mac computers.

Can I use all modules lifetime in a business license?

It depends on if you buy one year or Perpetual business license. All modules on MobileTrans are available under a valid business license. The one year license can be used for 1 year and you can continue to use all modules after you renew another license.