Prezzi per Privati (Mac)

Scegli i prodotti e i piani che funzionano per te. I nostri prezzi sono flessibili in modo da poter ottenere e pagare esattamente ciò di cui hai bisogno. Presta attenzione nello scegliere una versione compatibile con il tuo sistema informatico.

Esplora le Funzionalità per Piani Diversi

Gratis Trasferimento Telefono Trasferimento WhatsApp Funzionalità Complete
Trasferimento Telefono
Trasferisci dati da un telefono ad un altro 5 contatti
Trasferire WhatsApp
Trasferisci WhatsApp da telefono a telefono
Backup e Ripristino WhatsApp
Backup e Ripristino LINE
Backup e Ripristino Wechat
Backup e Ripristino Viber
Backup e Ripristino Kik
Backup dispositivi iOS
Backup dispositivi Android
Ripristino da backup MobileTrans 5 contatti
Ripristino da backup iTunes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade with free charge after I buy a license?

Yes, any paid users can update to the latest version without charge. We offer lifetime upgrades if you buy a lifetime license.

How to choose a proper license?

It depends on how many devices you want to transfer to and the transfer frequency. We offer personal license, business license, 1-year license, lifetime license, etc. It’s better to select a business if you use for commercial purpose. You can use the license for 1-year after you buy a 1-year license. It allows you to cancel automatic renewal. You’re able to use the license lifetime and free updates for lifetime license.

What does 1-5 mobile devices and a PC mean for the MobileTrans software?

A license under 1-5 devices 1 PC is restricted to one single computer and 5 devices. After 5 devices are used up, no matter when you transfer, it will warn you the license is exceeded and you have to renew a license to continue the usage.

Will I get a license as soon as I pay for it?

Absolutely yes! Whenever you buy and pay for MobileTrans, an e-mail containing the registration information will be sent to you automatically. Start to enjoy the product after you register and activate it with the license.